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This very interesting party membership book belonged to Hermann Waldschutz, he was born in 1886 and joined the NSDAP in January 1931 so he would be considered at the time as an old fighter for the party, his NSDAP membership number is 410119. The photograph shows him wearing Kepi with early style eagle and brown shirt with out collar patches so it is difficult to know if he was an SA member or political leader but the entry's in the book might suggest political leader or possibly both. Membership stamps in the book from 1933 until 1943.Issue stamps in the book for attendance at five Nuremberg party ralleys and two others which were probably important local NSDAP rally's. Official stamp/ entry from the Reichsleitung for attending a five day training coarse in January 1939 and signed by a party leader.Citation for the NSDAP 10 year long service cross and dated 20.4.1942 and signed by the Kreisleiter of Rottweil. Glued in offical letter to the back cover of the book stating that Hermann Waldschutz attended the NS Gau Fuhrerschule at Nagold near Stuttgart from the 5th of May 1935 until the 11 May 1935.The book has the standard red cover with gold eagle and swastika but interestingly it is mounted with a white silk ribbon with the owners name and NSDAP membership number. A very interesting book, much better than most. [Condition: Near Mint]