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This is a superb early quality SS dagger belonging to SS Major Hans Pottinger and comes complete with very large research file concerning this interesting SS officer. All early nickel silver fittings, the obverse side of the lower guard is SS district stamped I, the under side of the crossguard is stamped with Pottingers SS membership number being 1109 and which is a very early SS membership number.The black ebony grip is inset with the silver eagle and the SS runes, the grip is in fine condition and the only damage is a very small flake of wood out of the upper portion of the grip, but this is extremely minor. The blade is in near mint condition, the obverse side features the SS motto and the reverse side has been factory ground to remove the offending Rohm dedication, the Boker Solingen small oval trade mark is still in perfect condition.The black anodized scabbard is in superb condition with just light wear mainly to the reverse side probably by rubbing on the original owners SS tunic. Hans Pottinger was born in Austria on the 28.7.1896, he served in WW1 and was awarded several medals. He joined the NSDAP in 1920 making him an exceptionally early member, after the Munich Putsch in 1923 the party was disbanded but then reformed in 1925 and Pottinger re-joined the party soon after this date receiving NSDAP membership number 52978, in 1928 he joined the SS receiving membership number 1109, he was promoted to officer rank of SS Untersturmfuhrer in 1934 and receiving steady promotion after this date, his last promotion was to SS Sturmbanfuher in 1944.In 1934 he was posted to Dachau concentration camp serving with the SS Hilfwerk Dachau, he then served with the Allgemine SS 21st Standarter and he appears to haver served with this SS Regiment until 1945. He was awarded the gold party badge, SS ring and was a serving member of the SS Lebensborn.The research file is huge and I am sure much more could be discovered by careful examination of the documents.This is a very nice ground Rohm SS dagger and it is very rare to find one that can be documented to an SS officer. [Condition: Exc++]