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This is a superb example complete with SS runic knot, leather hanger and sword bag.There were a number of makers who offered early SS lions head swords but in my opinion Eickhorn is the most desirable as they produced some of the most important SS edged weapons of the period such as the SS honor dagger. Superb high quality silver hilt showing just very light wear and which has a very nice black age patina as it has never been cleaned, the detail to the lions head is exceptional and it is fitted with red glass eyes which look very sinister, the crossguard features a large open wing eagle and swastika and again this is of exceptional quality and detail.The black celluloid grip is in perfect condition.The blade is in fine condition and it features the early Eickhorn Solingen 1933 - 1935 pattern trade mark which is the same trade mark which is found on the SS Himmler daggers and the SS damascuse honour daggers and which is possibly significant. The black anodized scabbard is in fine condition. Complete with SS officers silver and black bullion knot featuring the SS runes on the stem, black leather sword hanger and black cloth storage bag which is slightly faded and worn with age but it has certainly preserved and protected the sword. As most collectors are probably aware Himmler kept a special list of gifts that he made to SS Generals, this list mentions various gifts presented by the Reichfuhrer to these SS generals such as edged weapons, including the Eickhorn Himmler daggers and Eickhorn damascuse honor daggers and in the same period he also gave as gifts SS lions head swords and so it makes obvious sense that these swords would also be by Eickhorn, there is no evidence that the sword I am offering is one of these special Himmler gift swords but it is certainly a possibility. [Condition: Near Mint]