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This is one of the rare SS dagger's from the initial period of RZM production in 1934, the quality and construction is the same as you would find on a maker marked example but this type has the RZM SS code to the blade rather than a makers name. Fine quality nickel silver crossguards, it is interesting to note that there is no SS distribution stamp.The grip is fine quality black ebony and it is inset with the SS insignia and the silver eagle, the grip is in fine condition with no chips or cracks.Near mint blade, the obverse side features the SS motto and the reverse side the makers contract code, SS 121/34 RZM, the blade still retains much original factory finish and cross-graining, this is an extremely nice blade.The black anodized scabbard shows some wear to the finish as you would expect but it still has much factory lacquer remaining, the fitting are matching nickel silver and are in fine condition. Complete with black leather hanger with early style metal clip. The dagger came privately from one of my contact's coming directly from the family of the British soldier who brought it back to England as a war souvenir in 1945, it has not been in a collection before and it appears that it has never been taken apart or cleaned in the past and it has a nice age patina, this is a really nice untouched example and these extremely early RZM examples are rare especially in nice condition.