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This example is identical to the Alcoso product and it was certainly produced by them but this example was retailed by Busch & Sohn a company who specialized in pocket knives. The quality of the miniature is equivalent to that of the full size dagger. Mint stag horn grip. The silver platted pommel and crossguard are decorated with oakleaves, the superb and highly detailed clamshell features three deer's in a forest. Green leather scabbard with silver metal fittings, the lower fitting is highly ornate and it features the design of a stag amongst foliage. The beautiful mint blade is double etched with various hunting designs such as stags in a forest and hunting dogs and with the makers / distributors details to the reverse side, Busch & Sohn Solingen. Size just under 9 inches long, this miniature dagger can be taken apart just like the full size dagger, the quality is exceptional just as you would expect for an Alcoso product. The last photograph is for a a size comparison with a standard full size deluxe hunting dagger, it is not included in the price. [Condition: Near Mint]