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The Hitler Youth leaders dagger is rare and difficult to find but the black leather straps are extremely rare. Wire bound grip is in fine condition, the metal hilt fittings have a very nice black age patina as the dagger has not been cleaned for a very long time, the pommel features the HJ swastika diamond insignia on the top flat surface. Near mint blade which features the Hitler Youth motto on the obverse side, BLUT UND EHRE (Blood and Honour), the reverse side is etched, RZM M7/36 which is the makers code for Horster Solingen which was one of only two authorized manufacture for this dagger model.The scabbard still retains all original black leather, the metal fittings have a matching age patina, the upper mount displays the HJ eagle with swastika on it's breast. Complete with extremely rare Hitler youth leaders black leather straps with silver fittings, the bottom two clips are both marked DRGM and RZM M5/10, the upper clip is also marked RZM M5/10, the condition of the straps is exceptional. This is a really nice set, one of the nicest i have owned. [Condition: Near Mint]