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The honor badge for members of the National senate of culture, it is believed that there were only approximately 250 of this rare badge ever awarded from 1936 / 1945 making it one of the rarest of Third Reich awards. The senate dealt with matters such as art, music, film, theater, radio and press. Dr Goebbls was the leader of the senate and most of of it's members were senior leaders of the party and state such as, Victor Lutze, Hans Johst and Walther Funk.This large badge is basically oval in shape with a gold border forming into 16 points with white enamel center and with gilt lettering, REICHSKULTURSENAT, with large gold eagle and swastika mounted on a column to the center.The reverse of the badge features a high quality pin and hook, the backing plate features two small rivets and bears the issue number 172 and also the makers name, Deschler Munchen and the silver content mark Silber 900. There are two minor variations of this badge featuring slightly different style rivets on the reverse side, one is found on early badges and the other style on latter awards, the one I have is the latter style which is correct for the badge I have which has a fairly high issue number. An extremely rare badge i have only owned one other in the last 30 years, the rarity can not be overstated. The badge is in very nice condition, it does shows light wear as it has been worn and it has also a small shallow flake from the white enamel close to the letter I of the word Reich it has not been restored and it still displays very nicely and considering it's extreme rarity is very acceptable as the chance of finding another example is unlikely and i have priced it very realistically at approximately 50% of the price of a mint example.