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A superb and very large 800 silver marked cigar / cigarette box presented to Hermann Goring as a birthday gift in 1936.The lid of the box features Hermann Goring's family coat of arms in a raised silver shield being an armored fist holding a ring.The front of the box features a three line presentation inscription, HERMANN GORING, VON DEM MANNER DES EHEMALIGEN J.GESCHWADER RICHTHOFENEN 12.1.1936, basically this translates as a gift to Hermann Goring from the men of the fighter squadron Richthofen, this was Herman Goring flight unit during WW1 and was often referred to as the flying circus because of there brightly colored planes, after the Red Barron's death he became the commander of the unit and held this position until the end of the war. The Richthofen unit was re-instated in 1935, soon after the the creation of the Luftwaffe.The base of the box is leather lined and it is 800 silver marked on the bottom silver edge, when the box is opened it reveals a wooden internal lid with a hinged silver handle and two silver securing catches, all three of these fittings are 800 silver marked. The interior of the box is wood lined with a single adjustable wooden panel for resizing the box for cigars and cigarettes. An important historical item belonging to one of the most famous personalty's of WW2 and probably the 20th century. The box has a nice age patina as it has not been cleaned for a very long time. The last photograph is for a size comparison only and the dagger is not included in the price.[Condition: Near Mint]