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This interesting letter opener or miniature hunting dagger with damascuse blade was originally purchased by the well known author LTC Tom Johnson in the late 1980's direct from the Paul Muller family along with other edged weapons and how he obtained these items is fully described in one of his reference books. The simulated ivory handle is silver inlaid on the obverse side with a stag in a band of oakleaves and acorns, the reverse side is beautifully inset with silver inlay which incorporates the initials KM, this is probably the initials of Mullers wife or a close relative, further research is required to confirm this.The pommel and crossguard are constructed of plated steel.The blade is produced of beautiful damascuse steel of the finest quality. Paul Muller is probably the most famous damascuse sword smiths of the Third Reich period and one of the most desirable for collectors, he formed a contract with the SS to produce blades for the organization and established a sword smithy in 1938 near Dachau, his most famous work is with out doubt the SS birthday swords with presentation damascuse blades that easily sell when occasionally available for in excess of $200,000, the example i am offering is a lot more affordable. Complete with with original photograph and photocopy supplied by LTC Johnson when the knife originally became available in the late 1980's. A unique opportunity to obtain a knife with damascuse blade by this renowned damascuse smith at an affordable price. [Condition: Mint]