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This really impressive example comes from the famous Barry Brown collection. The most amazing thing about this SS officers sword is the huge size, the original owner must have been a giant of a man, perhaps a guard officer in the LAH, officers from this elite SS Regiment were known at the time for there extreme height. The length of the blade is 37 inches long, the average is normally about 32 / 33 inches long but can often be shorter than this, the total length of the sword when it is in its scabbard is 44 inches, this truly is a huge sword and it is the longest example I have owned or even seen in over 35 years of dealing and collecting. The grip is in perfect condition and is complete with the silver metal SS runic badge. The silver metal hilt fittings are also in superb condition, the underside of the crossguard is stamped with the SS acceptance stamp. The pommel is the special SS style which screws into the hilt of the sword and not the tang of the blade which is the correct method for an early quality SS sword ( on a police sword the pommel screws into the tang of the blade), the small silver cap which covers the tang of the blade is still in place. The blade is the type with out a makers name but in my opinion these were produced by Krebs, the sword would date to about 1937 period, the white blade buffer pad is still in place, there is some minor age spotting to the lower part of the blade but there is no pitting. The scabbard has platted fittings which is typical for a sword from this period of production, the top silver mount has the SS acceptance stamp, the lower fitting is the preferred SS style with out screws, the original black scabbard paint shows some age but it is still about 85% + still remaining, with out any dents or other damage, this is a very nice looking scabbard. The sword is complete with it's original but well worn SS officers knot, inside the cloth strap in the original cloth SS tag. This is an extremely nice SS officers sword with exceptional collectors provenance and if you are looking for an SS sword I highly recommend it, the size alone makes it a fascinating example. [Condition: Near Mint]