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Brown wooden grip in fine condition inset with insignia. The silver platted crossguards are in excellent condition showing just light age wear to the finish. Mint blade, the obverse side features the ALLES FUR DEUTSCHLAND motto, and the reverse side, RZM M7/66 1941 which is the makers code for Eickhorn and the year of manufacture. The scabbard still retains at least 90% original paint, the ware is mostly to the reverse side, the fittings are the matching silver plated type.Complete with chain hanger which have the correct maker markings to the reverse side, the upper link is marked on the reverse side, MUSTERERSCHUTZ NSKK KORPSFUHRUNG, two of the lower links are also marked, one is stamped, RZM M5/8 and the other link is marked A for Assmann. A very nice example of a rare NSKK leaders dagger and which are considerably rarer and harder to find than the chained SS dagger. [Condition: Exc++]