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This is the desirable large size 30mm gold party badge with the scarce military style pin. The gilt wreath is in remarkable condition still retaining all of the original gilt finish, the enamel center of the badge is in mint condition. The gilt finish to the reverse side is also in mint condition, it is marked GES GESCH in a box with air vent hole below and then the NSDAP owners membership number 51512, the pin is the hard to find military style, the pin does show some light wear so it has obviously been worn on a tunic in the past. A very nice example in close to mint condition. Dr Franze Steidronsky was born on the 30.8.1908 in Vienna in Austria, he joined the NSDAP on the 1.9.1926, during the Nazi period he had two residences one in Vienna and the other in Wolfpassing in Germany, he served as an NSDAP party Zellenleiter and was a member of the NSV.Complete with research file containing 5 pages of research concerning the original owner. [Condition: Near Mint]