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This extremely rare book is contained in it's original presentation casket. The book front cover is produced to simulate marble with gold embossed border's to all four sides and decorated with six swastikas and a large open wing state eagle with the title to the center of the cover, ADOLF HITLER MEIN KAMPF. The back cover of the book is identical simulated marble, the book spine has the same marbled affect but also the full title in gilt, ADOLF HITLER MEIN KAMPF. The book was published in 1943 and contains 784 pages in all.The box or casket that the book is contained in has a matching marble affect with gold embossed state eagle to the center of the lid (there is a small scratch to the center right side of the lid), the interior of the box is white silk and the interior lid is embossed with a gold embossed swastika in a circle of oakleaves. Contained inside the box is an original war time photograph that depicts Robert Ley presenting an identical Mein Kampf book and casket to a high ranking political official, there is no way of knowing if this is the same book but it is a possibility. This is a an extremely high quality presentation edition of Mein Kampf of extreme rarity and really a work of art and it is one of the finest examples i have owned in over 30 years, the only types that might be considered of higher importance are those with special silver or amber covers. [Condition: Near Mint]