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This rare bayonet started out life as an imperial German army bayonet, sometime during the 1920's or early 1930's it was converted for police issue. Stag horn grip fitted with silver Weimar police badge, there is some green patina/residue to the silver badge the result of being in contact with the leather frog for many years but this will easily clean away if required. Silver pommel and crossguard has been chequered / engraved to simulate the standard police bayonet hilt fittings. Police clamshell features the standard eagle design. Platted blade by Alex Coppel Solingen is in excellent condition, blade spine still retains the original imperial issue stamp, crowned W & 87.Black leather scabbard with matching silver fittings. Complete with black leather frog with faint stamping to the reverse side and police knot. Total length just over 16 inches. An interesting rare bayonet variation. [Condition: Exc++]