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This beautiful example is in near mint condition, it has impeccable provenance as it was originally part of the Barry Brown collection and was actually pictured in the, Sir Red Publications 1989 calendar (July). The black wool top is in mint condition, the wide black velvet center band is also in mint condition, there is no moth or damage to the white piping. The hat is complete with the silver side buttons, silver cap cords and matching high quality silver metal SS deaths head and SS eagle insignia, the insignia has never been removed from the hat and I have no intention of doing so to inspect the reverse side for RZM SS marking, this a beautiful matching set of original cap insignia. The interior of the hat features the standard black silk lining typical for a late 1930's Allgemine SS officers hat, plain celluloid patch is in near mint condition, the brown sweat band is also just about perfect, the underside of the sweat band has an SS RZM TUCHMUTZE label with manufacturers code 4. The underside of the peak has the typical black stamped SS RZM runes. The hat is complete with the original black leatherette issue storage box with carrying handle. The hat is basically in just about mint condition but it has been worn, almost certainly the finest example available on the market today and with impeccable provenance. A photo copy of the relevant page from the calendar will be supplied to the purchaser…..PRICE ON REQUEST…….. [Condition: Near Mint]