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This set awarded for bravery comprises the full size medals and also the matching cased miniatures, they were awarded to Major W.H.Borwick who served with the Royal Field Artillery. The full size medals are parade mounted and comprise the WW1 military cross in fine condition, The Queens South Africa medal with four bars, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal and South Africa 1901, the medal is engraved with owners details and at that time he was a Lieutenant, the following thee medals are the standard WW1 trio, the 1914 / 15 star gives Borwick's rank as Lieutenant, but the last two as a Major. The matching miniature medals are also in fine condition and are complete with Spinks of London leatherette storage box. Complete with some post war research confirming Major Bowick's award of the military cross but i am sue much more could be easly be discovered, the set has not been in a collection before and they were obtained recently by one of my contacts in the antique trade direct from the descendants of Major Borwick's family. [Condition: Near Mint]