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This is a very rare model sword which features the SS runes to the pommel of the police NCO sword, this was only authorized if the policeman was also a full member of the SS which only a very few were. Black wood grip complete with silver police eagle and swastika badge, silver plated hilt fittings show light age wear the under side of the crossguard is stamped with the SS acceptance runes, the silver pommel features deeply cast SS runes. The blade is by the very desirable SS maker ,Peter Dan Krebs Solingen and features there lobster TM, this is a well know maker of SS swords, the blade is in over all very nice condition it is complete with the white blade buffer pad (white buffer pads are often associated with SS swords). Scabbard shows light age but still retains at least 90% original black paint, the top silver mount is marked with the SS acceptance stamp. Please see Tom Wittmann's SS book for several examples and a description of this rare SS model sword. In over 30 years as a dealer in German edged weapons this is only the 2nd SS Police NCO's sword that I have owned that featured the SS runic pommel and this example being by Krebs makes it even more desirable, a very important sword to own if you are an SS edged weapon collector.The Sword was purchased privately and it has never been in a collection. [Condition: Exc++]