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This extremely nice example of an original SS green fez was recently obtained from an English charity shop for very little money, unfortunatly not by me but I did manage to purchase it from the finder. Although over the years I have owned a number of the red fezzes this is only the 2nd example of the green type I have owned, they are considerably harder to find than the red dress fez type, often they are in mint unissued condition but this green fez was obviously issued and worn. The fez when found was flat as it had probably been stored in a cupboard drew but it springs easily back in to shape if required although it does look rather nice in it's found condition. The green wool body is in fine condition with out any staining or mothing. The SS bevo type eagle and skull are perfectly matching and are machine stitched into place on the hat in the correct way. The black tassel is in excellent condition, it is held neatly in place on the back of the fez by several tiny cotton loops which are normally see on original fezzes. The interior of the fez shows just light wear but no damage and features a leather sweat band, there is also a very faint size ink stamp to the inside of the fez but it is difficult to make out now. The fez was issued to the Waffen SS Handschar Division which was formed in 1943 and made up of Bosnian Muslim volunteers, if fought on the Eastern front mostly against partisan's, in 1945 they retreated into Germany with other German forces and managed to surrender to the British Army. After the war 38 officers were sent back to Yugoslavia to be put on trial for so called war crimes, 10 of which were executed. A really fine looking fez which must have had an interesting history. [Condition: Near Mint]