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A very rare SS Soldbuch belonging to an SS officer with fine uniform photograph.The book belonged to SS Untersturmfuhrer Otto Berlemann who was born on the 16.3.1914 and has lots of entry's from 1939 until the end of the war in 1945, he served with the SS Totenkopf Regiment and then the 4th SS Police division, he was promoted to officer rank on the 9th of November 1943, by June 1944 he held the position of Santeshnishcher Fuhrer which is some type of medical leader but not a Doctor. He received 4 military awards and so he obviously had a fair bit of combat experience on the front line, The Czech 1938 annexation medal, Iron cross 2nd class awarded in 1941 in Russia, the Russian front medal also in 1941 and the Demjansk shield in 1943. The cover of the Soldbuch has the SS runes, some of the internal pages are loose and some of the pages have been reinforced on the binding probably by the owner. The 2nd document is a red cross Personal Ausweis Identification document belonging to SS Untersturmfuhrer Otto Berlemann and it is interesting that it was issued on the 6th of June 1944 which was the date of the allied invasion of France. [Condition: Exc++]