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This is an RZM example in exceptionally nice condition. The silver hilt fittings still retain all original silver platting.The black wooden grip is in perfect condition complete with SS runic badge and silver eagle.The blade is in near mint condition, the obverse side features the SS motto and the reverse side the makers details, RZM M7/2 RZM 1166/38 SS, which is the makers code for Voos Solingen & which is very desirable and collectible high quality maker but especially rare for SS daggers, i do not recall having an SS dagger by this maker before but they are a recorded maker of SS daggers.The matching scabbard is also in fine condition still retaining almost all original black painted finish, the silver fittings still retain all of the silver platting. An exceptionally nice example, if you are looking for an RZM period SS dagger you should be happy with this one as it has rarity of maker, quality and condition. Comes from an old collection based in England. [Condition: Near Mint]