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A very nice matched pair of NSDAP gold party badges. The large 30mm badge retains almost all of its original gilt finish, the central enamel badge is perfect. Reverse side features the safety pin style of pin and hook, the badge is marked GES GESCH and it is also stamped with Stratmann's NSDAP membership number 30556, the pin back plate is marked , DESCHLER & SOHN MUNCHEN 9. The small matching 25mm badge also retains almost all the gilt finish, the enamel badge has a few minor age scratches but no chips or other damage, The reverse side is stamped with the matching NSDAP number 30556, the pin is a high quality period replacement, as most collector will know this is often seen on period badges as the original owners often opted for a better quality pin and hook assembly. Julius Stratmann was born on the 20.4.1902 ( he shared the same Birthday as Adolf Hitler) in the town of Durchhols in the Ruhr. He joined the NSDAP on the 15.2.1926 at the age of only 23 and only a few months after the party was reformed. His occupation was as a sales representative, in 1927 he married Anna List from Wuppertal and they set up home at, 57 Wittener Strasse in the town of Sprockhovel. From 1934 untill 1945 Stratmann served with the NSDAP political administration of Sprockhovel serving as the Burgermeister and also NSDAP local party treasurer. In 1945 Stratmann was placed on the Allied arrest list due his activities with the NSDAP, he was captured by the Russian army and served time in the prisoner of war camp at Kowno in Lithuania, he was surprisingly released from Russian captivity on the 29.10.1945 and he returned to Stockhovel, he died at this town on the 30.6.1960. Complete with this pair of badges is a research file concerning Julius Stratmann to include one photograph of Sratmann wearing SA officer uniform. A very nice pair, documented sets of gold party badges are difficult to find. [Condition: Near Mint]