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A very nice and extremely rare Allgemeine SS NCO's tunic and breeches which i recently purchased privately from a contact in France. This is a standard late example of an SS / RZM issued tunic. High quality black wool open neck 4 button front tunic, with standard upper pockets and slash lower pockets. The tunic is complete with all original silver metal buttons, all buttons and belt hooks are SS RZM marked, the front securing buttons are marked, RZM 629 / 39 SS, the pocket buttons are marked RZM 63/37 SS, all four belt hooks are marked RZM 36 / 39 SS. The tunic is complete with black and silver collar piping, NCO collar patches, left patch features silver bullion Standarte (Regiment) number 122 on black wool backing with silver and black edge piping, the right rank collar patch features a single metal rank pip and bar on black wool backing for the rank of SS Scharfuhrer and also with silver and black edge piping, complete with matching black and silver epaulet. The right sleeve features Allgemeine SS arm band and below this the cuffband, black band with silver bullion border and with silver bullion Sturm number 8. The lower pocket, right hand side has a fitted belt loop for the dagger. Loops on the tunic for one award. The interior of the tunic features the standard black cloth lining with manufacturers ink stamped number, they are rather faint now but they are more noticeable in the photographs, the inside pocket of the tunic has an SS RZM ROCK (tunic) label. Complete with a matching set of SS breeches which appear to be un-marked with out any RZM label or other stamps. A very nice set at a very reasonable price. Standarter 122 was one of the last Allgemeine SS units to be formed in 1940, it was based in city of Strassburg in the newly incorporated or annexed territories. [Condition: Near Mint]