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This is one of the very early style 1st model Luftwaffe daggers which it is believed were also worn by the DLV and which have the scabbard fittings attached by large metal staples, exactly the same as you find on the rare 55cm DLV flyer's dagger, this style was used for a very short period with initial production daggers in 1935 before standard production took over. All early nickel silver fittings, fine detail to the brass inlaid swastikas to pommel and crossguard. The blue leather grip is in excellent condition. Very nice and bright blade by Gebr Heller, Marienthal b-Schweina / Thr, with there balloon man trade mark, this is a difficult maker to find on Luftwaffe daggers, this company is better known for there DLV daggers. The scabbard shell on this example is the very early solid leather type which is found only on the very earliest Luftwaffe production daggers ( the standard scabbard is metal shell with a thin leather covering), there are a couple of bumps to the leather from the movement of the scabbard springs but this is normally always seen on these very early solid leather scabbard examples, if it did not exhibit this we would wonder why and this could be of some concern, the matching scabbard mounts are held in place by a single large metal staple to the reverse side of each fitting. The dagger is complete with nickel silver chain hanger. A rare variation for the Luftwaffe collector, it has been some years since I have had one of these to offer for sale. [Condition: Exc++]