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This dagger was purchased privately with another Postal dagger and a few other things, it has never been in a collection, this one is in slightly lesser condition but it is considerably cheaper than the other one and at a bargain price.The silver plating to the pommel and the Postal crossguard is in fine condition with a nice age pattiner, the black enamel swastika's are in perfect condition, the under side of the crossguard is Postal issue stamped 1618 DRP, you only ever see the issue stamping on the early production daggers which are the most desirable, latter example are plain with out issue numbers. The black wooden grip is fitted with the silver Postschutz insignia, there are a couple of small insignificant chips to the grip which could easily be restored if required, but this is a very nice grip. The blade is by Wayersberg of Solingen which was the only manufacturer of this model dagger, there are several nicks to the cutting edge and a few smudges to the blade but over all this is a very nice and bright blade which has never been cleaned. The scabbard retains about 65% of the original black factory paint, it is worn but still rather attractive. The silver scabbard fittings match the hilt fitting perfectly and they are in fine condition. Complete with original chain hanger, the clip is in working order and the reverse side has the correct DRGM marking. Bargain price, I doubt if there is a cheaper original postal dagger for sale on any site. [Condition: Exc+]