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This is a very early example of a rare political leader district flag.Double sided flag with red field with white circle and large black early style static swastika,bullion fringe to three sides,the fourth side features five silver metal suspension rings and silver metal dog clip,there was possibly a sixth ring or clip to the bottom of the flag,but if so this is now missing.Unusual unit patch to top left side corner,blue field silver bullion edge piping and with embroidered unit title,NSDAP ORTSGRUPPE MAMBACHEL.Mambachel is situated close to the town of Koblenz in the Rheinland-Pfalz region of Germany,the flag dates almost certainly to the mid 1920s,the NSDAP was not very strong in the Rhinland during this period,there main strength was situated in the south of Germany in Bavaria,so it is especially unusual to find an early flag from this district.A rare early example of a political leaders district flag,early examples are seldom offered for sale.[Condition: Exc++]