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This is an extremely nice early example produced in solid nickel silver from the original production of 1936, latter examples were produced in silver plated base metal and these are far easier to find than these early quality examples, I am often being asked for these early examples but I seldom have any available. The fine quality black ebony grip is in perfect condition with no chips or cracks and it is complete with the SS runic badge and silver eagle. Early nickel silver hilt fittings are in fine condition. The blade is mint, the obverse side features the SS motto and the reverse side is plain with out makers name which is totally correct for the 36 model. The scabbard still retains at least 95% of the original black paint just showing slight age which you would expect, the fittings are produced in matching nickel silver, the center band is decorated with six linked swastikas and held in place by a single metal screw. The matching chain is the so called 2nd type, the links features SS runes and skulls and these still retain most of the original factory blacking, the reverse side of the chain features the SS runic acceptance stamp. This is an extremely nice SS officers dagger coming from a well established collection based in England.[Condition: Exc++]