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This is a superb complete set in beautiful condition, the Eickhorn version of the Government Officials dagger is far harder to find than the Alcoso model and it is much higher quality, I probably see at least five Alcoso's to every single Eickhorn. Beautiful highly detailed silver eagle head hilt, all silver platting is still remaining. The screw fitting in the pommel is still very crisp, I have no intention of removing it to inspect the inside of the dagger as the two holes are so easily damaged. The mother of pearl grip plates are in perfect condition. The highly detailed crossguard eagle has the high upturned wings a characteristic of the Eickhorn pattern, the eagle and swastika are highly detailed. The blade features the Eickhorn 1935 / 41 trade mark to the obverse side, the blade has a few minor speckle marks from age but it is still close to near mint condition. The matching silver scabbard is in beautiful condition with no dents or damage and with all platting remaining. The dagger is complete with the very rare Government official's tiny silver knot which has a very thin cord and a tiny acorn, it is in perfect condition and is probably the best example I have owned as they often suffer with fraying but not this example, it is just in superb condition. The hangers are the early style with silver brocade on blue velvet backing, the buckles and clips are in silver metal. A beautiful looking set, it has been some years since I have had an Eickhorn example to offer for sale.[Condition: Near Mint]