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This unique cased Teno officers set is the only known example of a Teno officers dagger complete with an Eickhorn factory issue box, this set is complete with a separately cased set of Teno officers leather service hangers. The dagger is the early style in factory mint condition, the blade is stamped with the Teno issue number and etched with the Eickhorn / Teno trade mark, the number matches the number stamped into the scabbard top mount. Mint orange grip. All silver platting remaining to hilt fittings. Scabbard retains all factory finish. Attached to the dagger is an Eickhorn metal quality control tag. The original Eickhorn factory box is an amazing survivor, the lid features the 1935 / 41 Eickhorn squirrel trade mark. Interior base of box is lined in artificial red silk, the interior lid of the box has an advertisement describing the Eickhorn quality control and guarantee. The box is of typical construction for a Third Reich manufactured box with metal type staples at each corner holding the box in shape. The cased Teno leather service straps are equally amazing, the buckles are Assmann marked and the black leather straps are in mint condition, the straps are contained in there original brown card factory issue box, as in the case of the above dagger box the corners of this box are also held in place by metal staples. A unique important set for the advanced collector or museum.[Condition: Mint]