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Major Patrick Dudley Crichton-Stuart was born on the 15.5.1909,he was educated at Downside school near Bath,he attended university at Oxford graduating from Balliol Collage with a Bachelor of Arts.During the Second world war, Major Crighton Stuart served with the Intelligence corps in North Africa,Italy,France & Germany. He was with the first British troops to enter Berlin after the Russians captured the city in 1945.Because of the size and diverse nature of the collection, I have decided to sell the items separately but if anyone wishes to purchase the complete collection I would offer a better price.

1.Waffen SS Leibstandarte ADOLF HITLER other ranks cuff title,superb pre war example removed from a tunic,reverse side features RZM cloth tag marked, RZM 358/37 SS.Price 2150.00.THIS ITEM (1) IS NOW SOLD.

2.Luftwaffe HERMAN GORING officers cuff title.Blue/black cuff title with silver bullion lettering and with silver bullion borders,removed from a tunic.Price 650.00. THIS ITEM (2) IS NOW SOLD.

3.Army AFRIKA KORPS cuff title,unissued.Price 75.00.THIS ITEM (3) IS NOW SOLD.

4.Luftwaffe KRETA cuff title complete with award citation.The cuff title is in mint condition.The award citation features the design of the paratroopers badge and below this the owner's details,Jager Erwin Jendraschek,3/Fallschirm-Jager-Regt 4 and dated 20.5.1943 and signed by the General commanding the Regiment.Price 550.00.THIS ITEM (4) IS NOW SOLD.

5.Luftwaffe non portable (blackened metal) award plaque.This large plaque features the Luftwaffe eagle with inscription below for service in the air war in the east (Russia) and signed by the General commanding Luftflotte 2.Fitting to reverse for wall mounting.Price 265.00. THIS ITEM (5) IS NOW SOLD.

6.A collection of 15 German & Italian military propaganda post cards and one Italian song book.Most of the post cards are in full colour with great art work.Price 220.00. THIS ITEM (6) IS NOW SOLD.

7.Part of Adolf Hitlers map table.An actual wooden fragment with attached paper tag signed by Major Crichton-Stuart stating that he obtained this fragment from Hitlers map table in his office at the Reich Chancellery.Complete with a copy of the magazine,Die Kunst im Deutschen Reich and dated September 1939. This is the addition that features an extensive article on the Reich Chancellery with lots of photographs of the interior and exterior of the building, including Adolf Hitler's office and showing the actual map table/desk from which the fragment came.Price 265.00.THIS ITEM (7) IS NOW SOLD.

8.Official folder containing various items of paperwork belonging to Major Crichton-Stuart.Silk escape map of France,second edition.Large waterproof Allied map of France with various unit markings.Captured German map of Tunisie marked Geheim (secret).Seven RAF aerial photographs.Two captured German folding panoramic sketches showing German defensive positions.Various pictures removed from books of the middle east.Two German prayer books.Small Italian military poster.Typed 19 page publication/report,Second Army Intelligence Summary No 336-Normandy to the Baltic 6th June 1944 -2 May 1945.Price 125.00.THIS ITEM (8) IS NOW SOLD.