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A superb Luftwaffe honor goblet ,this example was purchased privately in Germany and it has never been cleaned it has a good black age patiner.The obverse side of the goblet features two eagles in combat,the reverse side features the iron cross design.The base of the goblet is engraved with the award details,LEUTNANT HEINZ WINTERHOFF AM 13.1.43.The underside of the base is is maker marked,JON WAGNER & SOHN,FEINSILBER ALPAKA.Complete with the goblet is the original award citation to Leutnant Heinz Winterhoff and with matching date 13.1.1943.The citation is signed by Goring and the commanding General.Fine example and especially rare with the award citation and to an officer,most seem to be awarded to NCO's.Heinz Winterhoff was awarded the German cross in gold on the 1.10.1944 as an Oberleutant serving as Beobachter in einer Aufklarungsstaffel.Hermann Goring considered the honor Goblet to be his personal award to his aircrew's and it was awarded for distinguished achievements in the air war.No dents or other damage.Near mint.