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Extremely rare Deutschland Erwach standard.Fine red silk with embroidered lettering to the obverse side,DEUTSCHLAND ERWACH,with large black and silver swastika on white circle.Black,white and red fringe to outer edge of 3 sides of the standard.Reverse side which is also constructed in fine red silk with embroidered lettering,NAT.SOZ.DEUTSCHE ARBEITERPARTEI STURMABTEILUNG,with black and silver swastika on white circle to centre.
This standard would have been used by an SA or SS Standarte (Regiment) and each one had to be consecrated personly by Adolf Hitler before going into service.
This is one of about 6 original standards that came out of Statni film collection in Prag Czechoslovakia in 1990,this we believe is probably the best condition example of them all,as with all the standards from Statni it has the inventory stock number to the top left hand corner of the reverse side.
A rare chance to own a 100% original example of one of these ultra rare standards,probably the ultimate item for the Third Reich collector,investor or museum.