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Hermann Gorings Car Pennant
Superb quality square vehicle pennant belonging to Hermann Goring as commander in chief of the German air force. Obverse side displays fine quality gold bullion eagle and swastika in a silver laurel wreath, below this is Gorings crossed field marshals batons and WW1 Pour le Merite award, the central colour of the pennant is red silk with white and black rays going out to each corner with gold bullion swastika to each corner. The pennant is bordered in gold bullion which displays rows of swastikas.

The reverse side has also a central colour of red silk and again with rays going out to the corners of the pennant, to each corner is a fine quality gold bullion Luftwaffe eagle. The central design of the reverse side is a silver bullion laurel wreath with fine gold bullion swastika to centre. The pennants reverse side also has a gold bullion border with swastikas. Two clips to the side of pennant for mounting to vehicle.

This pattern of pennant was used by Hemann Goring from 1938 when he was promoted to Field Marshal until 1940 when he was promoted to Reichmarshal, after this date it was still displayed on his vehicles but in conjunction with his Reichmarshall pennant.

This ultra rare and beautiful pennant was removed from one of Herman Gorings vehicles in 1945 by one of his official drivers and was retained by him until its recent sale in Germany and our purchase of it.