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The Himmler presented SS honor sword of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Dietrich Klagg
This ultra rare sword is one of the historic series of Himmler presented SS Ehrendegens which were created by master damascuse swordsmith Paul Muller, at the command of the Reichsfuhrer SS, for award to prominent nazis holding senior SS rank.

Dietrich Klagges was an Alter Kampfer with the correct credentials. A veteran of the Great War, he fought against the Reds with a Freikorps unit, was an early Hitler supporter,a fanatic and effective nazi activist in the struggle for power. In 1932 Klagges was elected Minister President of the state of Braunschweig and as such he appointed Adolf Hitler to the Braunschweig legation in Berlin,thus conferring upon Adolf Hitler German citizenship,without which Hitler, an Austrian, could not run for office in the Reich, Hitler then campaigned in the Preidential election and on the basis of a high nazi poll was able to negotiate the office of Reichschancellor for himself and power for the NSDAP.Klagges contribution had been unique and historically significant for the German nation and the world.

In 1935 Dietrich Klagges presented the state palace of Braunschweig to the SS for use as an SS Officers cadet school. The ceremony is recorded in the SS newspaper, Das Schwarze Korps.

In 1945 at the wars end Klagges was arrested, tried and convicted of war crimes.

Heinrich Himmler conferred the SS honor sword upon Klagges on the occasion of the latters fiftieth birthday, 1.2.1941, and the sword blade is so inscribed. The configuration and construction of the sword conforms in every respect to the established criteria of the Himmler presented series. The 32 inches long blade is of Turkish Damascus steel, created by Paul Mueller at the SS Damascus swordsmithy located in Dachau K.L.

The blade obverse bears the raised inscription. Meinem Lieben Dietrich Klagges ZUM 1.2.1941 H. Himmler, Reichsfuehrer SS, this inscription is flanked by raised swastikas.

The blade reverse bears the SS motto in raised letters, this inscription is flanked by raised SS runes. The reverse ricasso displays the famous PMD logo, utilized by Mueller at Dachau after he was well established. Some earlier examples, circa 1939 are void of this or any logo, certain blades produced by Mueller prior to his SS contact bear the logo, hand arbeit, Paul Mueller solingen. There is a small area of pitting at the very tip of the blade. If the inscription was gilded this is no longer remaining. The blade washer is still present. This blade is extremely beautiful and represents a superb testament to Paul Muellers skill and artistry at the height of his creative powers.

The solid silver handmade hilt fittings to include runic badge and grip wire are in perfect condition. The fine quality ebony wood grip has two very faint hair line cracks but they are very minor. The solid silver hand made scabbard fittings are perfect, the scabbard shell which is straight and without dents or creases. The original black enamel paint shows age, but displays well with approximately 95% paint remaining. The underside of the D guard and the mouth of the scabbard throat are each struck with the SS runes protected design mark, the silver 800 content mark and the silversmiths mark of a crown and moon, all these markings are deep struck and clear.

Until our purchase of the sword it had only featured in two major collections, since its discovery in the late 1960s. We also have available a large research file on SS Obergrupenfuhrer Dietrich Klagges with a number of excellent photographs of him in full Allgemine SS uniform.